Monday, August 27, 2012

So, You Had a Mortifying Day at the Gym....

I finished Insanity a few weeks ago and I wasn't sure what to do with myself after I finished. I had mentioned to a few people that I was thinking about getting a personal trainer and in a few short days I started working with Norman at the New York Sports Club. He came highly recommended and I have not been disappointed.  I wish I was rich and could work out with a trainer three times a week because it's awesome. Every time I feel my limit and know I would take a break, he makes me do 5 more reps or 20 more seconds. Anyway, he's been making me do cardio on the off days.

After rehearsal on Saturday, a few friends and I decided that we were going to grab lunch and then go shopping for showcase outfits. I called the gym around school in the morning to reserve a spot in the 5pm spinning class and planned on taking the 4:30pm abs class. I packed my back in the morning and waited around all afternoon to take the classes. Not sure why I waited until ten minutes before the class started to try on the pants that I had packed earlier that morning because when I put them on, they were two sizes too small.

I wanted to die.

I literally contemplated leaving the gym because I could not disgrace myself any further than the woman's locker room. Being naked would have made me feel better than wearing these spandex pants that were cutting me so tightly I couldn't do a squat without exposing my entire butt. Clearly, my only options were to leave or walk out with a towel around me even though I had clothes on. I tried to hike up the pants to function more like spanks than pants, but that wasn't a flattering look either. Woof.

I'm comitted. So, I left the locker room and let myself feel mortified. I worked out in the back of the classroom and just told myself over and over I'll probably never see these people again. When I finished, I threw those pants out before I even left the gym. Yikes!

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