Monday, August 24, 2009


of the last few months....

So, I interviewed with the restaurant from the open call and started training there that following Wednesday after Valentines Day back in February. I immediately got swept in the whirl wind restaurant business discovering that I SUCKED at waiting tables. It's so much harder than anyone really gives it credit for and the nightmares began. I still haven't managed to conquer the work dreams, but I've finally gotten a handle on serving tables. I knew that I'd get it and that it would just take me some time, but many days I already felt defeated and I hadn't even begun.

I'm dating someone new. I haven't expressly asked for his permission to disclose any information about him on the Internet. So, I'm withholding until I ask him because unlike the ones before he will read what I'm writing about. Nevertheless, he's a perfect partner to my crazy. We work and I'm happy.

I'm still auditioning but I was really sick for 6 weeks and then the summer came causing everything to slow down here in New York. I moved here knowing it was going to be hard. Yes, even THIS hard.

I've gone back to Florida to visit my family including my nephew and my brand niece. One of my visits included my brand new boyfriend, which I think went well.

I went back to California for a wedding and to visit all my friends and I really miss them all. Especially because I don't really talk to many of them - at least not as much as I used to it.

aaaaaand that's really it. I haven't done much else except eat my face off so now I'm fat.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Ghost of Christmas past returns?

Hi Internet. I sheepishly return to the keyboard asking myself if I do in fact remember how to type on it... Will I stay for good?
I don't know. I'm conflicted.

I returned to my favorite blogger dooce and discovered that I do miss writing about my comings and goings regardless if anyone does actually read it. I remembered how much I actually love the computer and how much I loved reading all about the life of Heather, John and Leta Armstrong. I soon discovered how much I have actually missed in their life and felt saddened by my own absence. Then I asked myself why I haven't written anything on my blog. (here comes the conflicted part) I suppose I have moments of - uuuuuuuhhhhhh what do I write? I'm here in New York scrambling to get make ends meat as a waitress. I live in a not so nice part of harlem and auditioning just gets harder and I haven't heard anything? Is that really interesting? Am I just highlighting my struggles or what some my construe to be my failures?

Perhaps, but I'm going to brave it.

So, I'm here Internet confessing that the past 6 months have been hard and I can sum up what I've done in 3 uninteresting sentences. Yet, here I sit in the sweltering heat of my non air conditioned apartment in the middle of August turning over a new leaf committing myself to write about my adventures.