Friday, August 31, 2012

Bringing It Into the Central Park and Tracing USA.

I had the pleasure of seeing three shows in this past week, and at first I was very concerned.

I take pride in enjoying everything I see live in the theater. I am the person that LOVES the show even though everyone around me did not like it. At least - I used to be. What we do is so incredibly difficult, so, going to see a show with a critical eye does no one any good. I still believe that, so, seeing shows that I didn't enjoy concerns me. I refuse to be the critical, bitter, out-of-work actor that doesn't like anything because nothing can be perfect or because I'M not starring in it.  I know it can be difficult to watch people who can't sing the role very well have a part when getting a job as an actor can be like winning the lottery. Yes, I know, it HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. I'm prepared for it, but it still feels bad sometimes. So, let's talk about the shows. 

BRING IT ON. I really had high hopes for this musical because it was written by Tom Kitt and Lin- Manuel Miranda. I LOVED their previous shows, and I thought using the plot from this movie would translate beautifully. It just wasn't what I expected and at times I felt a little bored. Even though this was not my favorite thing I've seen on Broadway, there are still aspects of the show that need to be congratulated. The cheerleading tricks were entertaining and Adrienne Warren, who played Danielle, had an amazing voice. I'm glad I saw it because it was an experience.

INTO THE WOODS. This is such a magical experience that The Public does for us every summer, and last summer I did not take advantage of this gift. I almost missed the opportunity THIS summer and it would have been unforgiveable. Anyway, The Public puts on two FREE shows at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The event is called Shakespeare in the Park. Usually they do one Shakespeare show and a musical. To get tickets you can either stand in line starting as early at 3am and wait until the ticket distribution at 1pm or you can play the virtual lottery and see if you can win tickets. You can also try and get tickets in the standby line. That's what I did. I got in line at 6pm and waited until 7:45pm and I got a ticket to see the show because someone didn't claim their ticket. I sat in the second row! The whole experience is truly magical, and if you and your friends can do it right. It's such a summer treat. You can picnic all day, drink wine, and enjoy the summer weather in the park. The trouble is that we all live here so it's so easy to just say we are going to do it, but then everyone gets too busy. It's not going to happen next summer. I'm going to make it happen. I got to see INTO THE WOODS starring Amy Adams as the Baker's Wife, Denis O'Hare as the Baker and Donna Murphy as the Witch. My personal favorite for the entire evening was Jessie Mueller as Cinderella. She has such a stellar voice and stage presence. The scenes between her and the prince were AWESOME, and she could sing me the phone book. I loved the choreography: simple and sharp. The little red and wolf scene was a little intense and I thought it made her song not make sense at the end. Some of the singing wasn't my cup of tea, but the show on the whole was great. It's closing this weekend and it just feels like the end of summer.

TRACES. This was one of the most beauitful things I have EVER SEEN. If the muscial Once and Circ Du Soleil had a baby, it would be this show. I'm so disappointed that this show is closing this weekend and if you can get out there to see this gorgeous show you MUST. It's short. 90 minutes no intermission. It's a stunning acrobatic dance show. The way these performers can move and use their body is truly astounding, and their individual artistry comes through in the movement. It is a show that everyone can enjoy. It's gorgeous and breathtaking. I'm so disappointed that Sunday the 2nd is the last time to see it because I would make all my family coming into town see it. 

I guess with labor day coming up it feels like the end of summer. Everyone is back to school and I'm about to finish school. Looking forward to the Fall, to the change, and to a new season of theater. 

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