Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rome, Italy March 2011

While in Rome, I wrote 20 pages detailing my vacation, but then I got back to the States and hit the ground running with school. I had the intent to give a detailed report of everything we did, but then I lost my desire to write it down because of being bogged down with school. This weekend I've had some time so I popped in the movie "Eat Pray Love," since I didn't finish the movie on the plane and I felt inspired. Instead of writing every detail - I figured I'd just post the highlights.

We left the house in NYC at 2pm for a 6:40pm flight. The train ride to JFK was the worst part of the entire travel experience because we were cramped in a tiny car with 5 pieces of luggage and one million people. Due to the last horrifying experience I had in Italy where they lost my luggage for 5 days and the only thing I had with me was one pair of extra underwear, we decided to only check one joint suitcase filled with the items to give to his sister, who is studying abroad this semester and our toiletries. The flight to London was super easy breezy sicne it's only an extra 30 min than what I'm used to flying to California. Plus, British Airways makes you feel like royalty: first we had a free cocktail hour followed by an actual hot meal with deserts. Then coffee and tea and then they served us a continental breakfast. Our layover in London was only an hour and we had to go through security again which caused use to race on to the plane putting us in Rome a mere two hours later.

We landed at 11:30am their time - went to baggage claim and the 1 bag that we checked didn't make it on the plane because our connection was too tight. I couldn't help but laugh considering the last time I arrived in Rome by luggage took five days to arrive and join me. At least this time I had all my clothes with me and they knew exactly where the baggage was and assures us that when we got home to the hotel that night the luggage would be there - sure enough it was there. We enjoyed a quick cab ride over to our hotel checked in and waited patiently for Mike's sister to arrive. Even in my delirious state, I knew that I was in Rome for a foodcation: to eat my face off and I couldn't wait to taste the delicious dishes I knew I was in for. When Mike's sister arrived, we walked in the pouring rain for a place to eat lunch. The trouble was that in Italy the restaurants are only open for lunch between the hours of 12pm - 3:00pm. It was 2:45pm when we arrived in this really cute hole in the wall restaurant that was tucked away in this deserted side street called Colline Emilane. This tiny little Italian place looked like a house that was converted into a restaurant. They seated us anyway, but we had to eat our food in a haste. The freshly baked pasta and the beef dish with the most tender meat that couldn't stay on the fork made us forget the fact that we were positively soaked to the bone. After lunch we headed around the corner to a cafe and feasted on the best cappuccino I've ever had and had a chocolate canoli. We couldn't push through the jet lag, so we headed into the hotel to rest before dinner.

For dinner we walked over to Piazza Nabona (Fountain of the 3 rivers!) It's built in a big circle and in ancient times they had horse races in this Piazza. We randomly landed at a seemingly mediocre spot and had an incredible meat and cheese plate and a pizza each. I really don't think I can describe just how amazing the food appropriately enough. Then we headed to one of Mike's favorite spots called the Abby Theater which is an Irish bar stopping only for a delicious crepe and felt like I had died and gone to heaven! Then we walked home passing the wedding cake stopping for gelato and arrived home to our luggage.

I fell asleep at 1am woke up at 4:20am to use the potty and then I was wide awake at 7:30am. I then proceeded to work out for an hour so I can get my body ready to eat lots of goodies. I came home took a hot shower then napped till 11am. We met Mike's sister to have coffee and a light snack given that I had already eaten a cranberry muffin. Nevertheless, we stopped at for breakfast enjoyed a cappuccino and a chocolate croissant. The coffee is to die for and I close my eyes and drink my Starbucks coffee as if it were the coffee in Italy. We then headed to the Trevi Fountain and stopped at a place called Il Gelato di San Crispino for Gelato which turned out to be the very best gelato that I have ever eaten. I had the menagerie camel which had actual chunks for meringue and carmel. One of the main differences I noticed in Italy was the fact that they don't have any prices on anything. The people at the counter decide wheter or not they like you before they tell you what the price is. Then we walked all around town we visited Pantheon, the fountains and the Vatican city. I guess it's called Vatican country considering that it is a different county with country lines and everything. It was something new I discovered. We stopped at Mike's favorite spot for Gelato called Old Bridge Gelato. I couldn't have any more sweet stuff so I opted for a pannini next door. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at one of Mike's favorite bars.

Those are extreme details of the first few days, and we spent the majority of the trip doing exactly that. Sleeping, eating, napping and relaxing. We had a perfect amount of shopping, site seeing and relaxing. I loved visiting all of Mike's memories and seeing his school where he lived and I wished that I could have studied abroad. Just recounting the experience makes me yearn for another trip.

I loved every minute I spent with Mike and with his sister. It was such a relaxing time and I spent so many meals laughing and drinking wine. I enjoyed every pound I put on in the 10 days I was gone.


Saturday, April 2, 2011


Thought it was time to revamp the blog. I got the inspiration for the new title from Stephen Sondheim and the logo inspiration from a tattoo I saw on a fellow cap's foot. Since I'm on vocal rest, I thought it would be a perfect time.

Since I've been back from Rome, we've gotten back into the full swing at school. We've started working on the Sondheim project. It's been a very very difficult time for me. There's been A LOT of singing and learning music quickly. So, my voice has started to give out a little bit which is why I'm on vocal rest now. Last week I had serious melt downs about the process because I've been told at nauseam that the voice goes when you're using it incorrectly. In our circumstances these days it's hard to tell the difference between using incorrectly or just being vocal fatigued. It's hard to tell the difference. I'm in process. I'm working it through it.

Anyway, I'm working on an update from Rome... I'll post that tomorrow.