Friday, May 2, 2008

Crazy for Coco-cast

Coco opened last weekend, and I’m faced with a three week run of sold out performances. I have been particularly proud of this show because of the extraordinary amount of talented performers that are in the cast combined with the witty script and enchanting music. However, we took a one way trip to train-wreck city during yesterday’s performance.

We had to stop the show twice. TWICE. In the middle of the performance!!! It completely threw me off, and I think I muttered the word – “totally” under my breath which was clearly audible and used in the 1950’s. The second stop actually scared me because we’re in the wings waiting to go on, and the words, “help. Stop the show. Is there a doctor in the house? We need a doctor,” came bellowing from the audience and brought the show to a screeching halt.

Turns out he fell asleep with eyes open and was snoring.

Really, it’s a good show. Really, but yesterday was a beautiful mess. Especially coming home to my car in the towing garage...again... but this time someone called saying that I was blocking their driveway. I'm going to fight it...