Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another thing about New York...

....is the distinct difference in gentleman-ness towards women here.

Walking home from the grocery store today I carried a cart full of groceries, my laundry, my purse and another plastic bags with eggs to keep them from getting crushed when some gentleman pulls his car over and offers to help me carry my stuff to my door. He said, "Need any help? I'm just trying to be a gentleman?" Granted I know it was only because he thought highly of my womanly features because when I replied no thank you and yes, I'm sure I'm fine to his many reattempts to help, he says, "You take care of your pretty self." Smiling and flattered I walked away thinking - if a guy thought I was hot walking down the street in San Francisco, I'd be lucky to get a horn honk and a screaming -"Hey Baby"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter in New York

When visiting Lexie in August ’08, she took me to one of her favorite spots in New York where she would go if she felt remotely homesick. I didn’t really understand what that felt like until I moved here, and now I have a favorite walk. Sure, most normal people have a favorite spot, but I am restless. Thus, I have a favorite walk.

Walking from the green line (4 or 6 east side) to the blue line (A,C,E west side) from the 59 stop. If you’re starting the walk from the east side, you’re standing at 59 and Lexington, which is in the middle of shopping land including Bloomingdales, Nine West, Steve Madden and many other stores for the retail soul. I walk on 59th Street with Central Park to my right finishing at Columbus Circle. Yesterday, I started the walk at Columbus Circle and walked to the east side and then through the park back to Columbus Circle. I felt like I missed winter being consumed with moving, job hunting, auditioning and settling into the comforts of Harlem. So, I welcomed yesterday’s blizzard leaving behind ten inches of snow that New York residents hope will be enough for work to deem a snow day to curl up in the arms of their lovers.

On my walk there is this bridge. It’s my favorite part of the walk, and I see this bridge in the park in all seasons. I hope to take this same picture for all seasons, but here my friends is New York in the winter:

This is a picture I took standing on my favorite bridge looking at my walk:

Here are some more shots I took in Central Park, but I left out the pictures of people illegally tubing and cross-country skiing mostly because my frozen fingers were dealing with text messaging.