Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Showcase Rehearsal

It's so interesting that I posted about working out and food tips yesterday because we started showcase rehearsals yesterday and everywhere there are conversations about different diets and workout plans. I'm glad I started working towards being in my personal best shape early because so far things are going well, and I have six more weeks to get rid of what Jillian Michaels calls vanity pounds. Hello August, you came very quickly.

Our showcase will run for about one hour. We will open with all twenty of us singing an opening number. Then we each get to sing our chosen solo song. We are also broken up into five groups of four and we get to sing a second number with our group, and then the whole company will close the show with another amazing number.

Last night we started working our opening and closing numbers. They are gorgeous and so beautifully arranged. Our musical director, Joel Waggoner, is incredibly talented and I think the songs are going to sound spetacular. These songs are definitely known songs, but the way they are arranged with new exciting harmonies will blow your mind. It's a very exciting time, and I'm hesitating to say what the songs are because I'm not sure if it's going to ruin the suspense/surprise or whatever.  I'll write about it in six weeks after it's over!

The music rehearsal yesterday did start to remind of me Children of Eden rehearsals from last semester which happened to be a very dark time for me. I'm doing my very best to keep an open mind and just let that experience go. It's in the past and it should stay in the past, but I'm so excited to showcase that it's overriding any of my lingering dark sentiments from Eden. I also have to remember that Eden was cast in Janurary. That is seven months ago - it's a whole different ballgame right now, and I'm ready to play ball.

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